Netherlands Embassy in Tallinn Estonia

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Netherlands Embassy in Tallinn

Rahukohtu 4-I
10130 Tallinn

(+372) 6805500

(+372) 5250099 (In case of emergency after office hours)


Dutch passport, ID card

Information on applying for a Dutch passport



How to request a visa for the Netherlands and/or the Schengen area


April 23, 2014 The Internet has been a driving force behind most global developments in the 21st century so far. A tool for information exchange, learning, business, e-governance and development, it now brings together more than 2.5 billion people from around the world. Global use of the Internet is increasing. Regarding development, the Istanbul Program of Action for Least Developed Countries foresees that we should strive to provide everyone access to the Internet by 2020 and the Post-2015 Report of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons proposes a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to guarantee the public’s right to information and access to government data. All users of the Internet should enjoy freedom of expression and other human rights on the Internet in the same way as foreseen by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Questions about where the Internet is headed, whether, how and by whom it can or should be regulated have risen increasingly over the past few years.

April 7, 2014 Dutch nationals living outside the Netherlands, on a temporary basis or otherwise, and wishing to cast their votes for Dutch representatives in the 2014 European Parliamentary elections must register as voter by 10 April 2014.